Oh My Ombre!

3 Feb

In case you haven’t noticed, the ombre trend is definitely in now. Whether it’s your hair, your clothes, or your accessories, the color-fading look is EVERYWHERE. So it’s no surprise some people have come up with a technique for ombre nails.

At first glance, you probably thought, “that can’t really work” or “yea, too bad that was done by a professional.” I too had my doubts. But it turns out the ombre effect really is easy-to-do and super cute!

Although I do enjoy doing my own nails, I wouldn’t consider myself anywhere near the level of a professional manicurist. But as illustrated on Pinterest, this fun look was super simple. I definitely recommend trying it out if you’re looking for something new and trendy to do with your nails. I got tons of compliments on my pinperfect nails, and am looking forward to trying more color combinations with an ombre twist.

Here’s a close up…. please ignore all the polish around my actual nail.


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