Philly Cheese Steak Peppers

5 Feb

Do you love sinking your teeth into a juicy, hot sub… more specifically, a Philly Cheese Steak? This isn’t something I eat often, but it is an east-coast classic. A lucky few of us might have even had the privilege to enjoy this sandwich in its hometown.

So when I came across a pin with a caption saying Philly cheese steak stuffed bell peppers, I thought “this sounds interesting.” So I gave it a shot and it came out pretty good.

I did make an alteration, which I thought was a great decision. After cleaning out the peppers, I baked them for 8 minutes before stuffing them. My reasoning was that I wanted the cheese to melt but not burn, but I still wanted the peppers to be cooked. When I followed the rest of the recipe, the dish wasn’t exactly picture-perfect.

So I decided to layer another piece of cheese on top. This time I only gave it a minute in the oven. And NOW my pepper looked appetizing!


Overall, it was a tasty dish and my boyfriend really seemed to like it. Personally, I couldn’t eat the whole pepper and ended up eating the cheese steak filling. But if you like pepper and Philly Cheese Steaks, then this dish will make for a pin-perfect meal.


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