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Pinterest’s New Look

8 Apr


How to navigate through Pinterest’s new look, and what changes to expect once you switch over. If you have any questions, go ahead and leave them in the comments and I’ll try my best to answer them. Happy Pinning!

5 MORE Pinners Worth Following

4 Apr

Throwback Thursday

In the spirit of “Throwback Thursday,” I have decided to add to one of my earliest blog posts- 5 Pinners Worth Following. Here are 5 MORE pinners (in no particular order) you should check out the next time you’re on Pinterest. They all vary in style and content, but are filled with tons of pinperfect items. Just as a reminder, these are all my own personal opinions to share with you all, and I have not been paid nor requested in any way to endorse nor promote these Pinterest accounts. Enjoy!

Oh Joy- Joy Cho1- Oh Joy!

With over 14 million followers, it’s pretty safe to say that Joy Cho of Oh Joy is definitely worth following on Pinterest. This avid blogger has 84 detailed and fun-filled boards varying from the usual “Hair” board, to a board just for “Balloons.” Her pins link back to various sources including blogs, websites, and even some content from her own blog.

2- Favorite TV Show!

You might be surprised by how many TV shows are actually on Pinterest. Just a quick search might lead you to sneak peeks, behind the scenes clips, and fashion tips from your favorite series. Shows like Pretty Little Liars and 1600 Penn have tons of great content any fan would love. But don’t get too excited, producers are still careful as to not release too many inside secrets on their Pinterest pages.

100 Layer cake3- 100 Layer Cake

If you’re planning on throwing a snazzy suaré sometime soon, or pinning for the wedding of your dreams, these event planners from California have just the right Pinterest boards to help. The lovely ladies of 100 Layer Cake have ideas for everything from attire and venues, to flowers and color schemes. And let’s be honest, we all have a Pinterest wedding board.

4- Local Town

In doing some research for an audio interview to feature on my blog, it was interesting to see how many cities have Pinterest accounts. You can learn about local restaurants, annual festivals, sporting events, or even wedding venues just by looking at these Pinterest pages. Not only can you follow your hometown, but if you’re planning a vacation soon, or don’t know where to stop on your next road trip, you can search through Pinterest and check out what awesome attractions some towns have to offer.

Disney5- Walt Disney World

Five words every kid loves to hear: “We’re going to Disney World!” Even if you’re well into your adult years, you can’t deny feeling like a kid again when you’re in the happiest place on earth. So why not follow Walt Disney World on Pinterest? They have tons of behind the scenes pins, magical moments, and all the latest info on making your dreams come true. And besides, Disney has one thing in common with following someone on Pinterest… they both started with a mouse. (Get it?)

Pinterest- Not Just for Girls

2 Apr

March Madness & Opening Day 

Between March Madness and Opening Day, these couple of weeks have been (and will continue to be) action packed for all sports lovers. And just like women can enjoy cheering on the home team, men can also enjoy what Pinterest has to offer this time of year.  If you check out Pinterest’s blog, you’ll see that they often post about items or categories that have been trending lately. And lo and behold, the last two trends have been sporting events.

Gator Basketball

Getting ready to watch Gator Basketball… one game closer to the national title.

March Madness and Opening Day have made their way onto the boards of countless pinners. Although Pinterest is often thought of as being a social media site where only women spend countless hours of the day scrolling through photos, there is also plenty of content for men to enjoy. Guys (and girls) can check out some awesome Pinterest boards featuring this year’s NCAA Tournament coaches, or even take a look at Final Four logos of past, present, and future years.  If baseball is your favorite pastime, you’ll love finding some ballpark heroes, and discovering the mascots that make up the MLB.

So no matter what your gender, this is just some proof that Pinterest is a site for all to enjoy. Hopefully, you can find some time to step away from the TV screen and check out what’s new on Pinterest. Personally, my college team is out of the tournament, while my hometown blew its Opening Day game. Oh well, more pinning for me!

Marlins Baseball Ballpark

Enjoying a Miami Marlins game at their new ballpark last season.

Chat Session with Anna Mikell from Visit Gainesville

29 Mar

How Visit Gainesville Uses Pinterest

If you haven’t already looked up your hometown or local city on Pinterest, you might be surprised by what you find. Here in Gainesville, Visit Gainesville has tons of information on local events, restaurants, shops and more. Aside from their website, they’re also very active on Facebook, Twitter, and you guessed it… Pinterest!

I had the opportunity to sit down this week with Ms. Anna Mikell from Visit Gainesville, and she talked about how Pinterest has become another great tool she utilizes at work. Not only does its Pinterest account promote Visit Gainesville, but it also delivers a vast load of useful and interesting content to its followers.

Visit Gainesville- Pinterest

Check out what Ms. Mikell had to share about her experience with Pinterest, and be sure to follow Visit Gainesville and your local city on Pinterest!

5 Pinners Worth Following

10 Feb

One of the reasons why I love Pinterest is because it’s fun, easy and organized way to find different crafts, recipes, workouts, fashion tips and WAY more.

But did you know that there is SO MUCH MORE to Pinterest than just following your friends’ boards? There are tons of celebrities and companies on Pinterest. Here are five pinners that I personally think are worth following. They’re all filled will loads of pinperfect ideas.

1- Starbucks Loves

Let’s be honest, how many people do you actually know that don’t like Starbucks? Even if you’re not a regular, it is nice to treat yourself to a white chocolate mocha every now and then. Well Starbucks Love is perfect for coffee lovers and water chuggers alike. They have tasty treats, creative crafts and loads of coffee pins that just simply make you feel warm inside.


So I know not everyone is a fan of watching HGTV, but you have to admit, they pretty much are the leaders when it comes to DIY projects, and anything that has to do with your home. The have boards for every room in your house and outdoors as well. Little tip: you MUST check out their “HGTV Dream Homes” board, you’ll be speechless.

3- Your School

Whether you’re a student or alumni, there’s nothing like showing off your school spirit. A lot of universities and colleges have their own official Pinterest accounts. They pin everything from campus photos, sporting events, graduation ceremonies and even game day taunts.


Some of you might remember her as LC from MTV’s Laguna Beach or The Hills, but Lauren Conrad has grown up to be a high-profile style icon. I love following her because she doesn’t just use her boards to promote her fashion line. She pins everything from exercise routines, nails, décor, and even just pretty flowers.

5- Pinterest!

Believe it or not, Pinterest has its own Pinterest account! You can get a behind the scenes look of their offices, check out some funny pins, or even take a glimpse of “The Pinterest Challenge.”

To Pin or Not To Pin

15 Jan

If you’re anything like me, you spend too much time each day on your computer, Smartphone, or even both at the same time. And if you’re even more like me, too much of that time is spent on mindless websites or apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest… especially Pinterest! Whether you chose to admit it or not, the first time many of us began using Pinterest, we became ADDICTED! Eventually, you might have even started liking some things instead of pinning them, just so that you wouldn’t crowd your news feed and those of your followers.

Don’t you sometimes wish you actually did more of the amazing things you pinned? I know I do. But honestly, sometimes the recipes, crafts, beauty tutorials and workouts seem too good to be true. We all know the Internet can make anything look appetizing, so how can we be certain that the cookies we find on Pinterest are really going to be the best cookies we have ever eaten? Just imagine if we could somehow know that what we are pinning is actually worth our time, or even a space on our precious boards. Well I think it’s time someone be the judge of that, and I’ll be happy to have the honor.

This blog will be a collection of my own personal trials of some of the remarkable things I stumble across on Pinterest. I’m sure I’ll have some scrumptious treats, accompanied by some DIY (do-it-yourself) fails. But hopefully with my help, we will all soon be proud of our pin-perfect boards.