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5 MORE Pinners Worth Following

4 Apr

Throwback Thursday

In the spirit of “Throwback Thursday,” I have decided to add to one of my earliest blog posts- 5 Pinners Worth Following. Here are 5 MORE pinners (in no particular order) you should check out the next time you’re on Pinterest. They all vary in style and content, but are filled with tons of pinperfect items. Just as a reminder, these are all my own personal opinions to share with you all, and I have not been paid nor requested in any way to endorse nor promote these Pinterest accounts. Enjoy!

Oh Joy- Joy Cho1- Oh Joy!

With over 14 million followers, it’s pretty safe to say that Joy Cho of Oh Joy is definitely worth following on Pinterest. This avid blogger has 84 detailed and fun-filled boards varying from the usual “Hair” board, to a board just for “Balloons.” Her pins link back to various sources including blogs, websites, and even some content from her own blog.

2- Favorite TV Show!

You might be surprised by how many TV shows are actually on Pinterest. Just a quick search might lead you to sneak peeks, behind the scenes clips, and fashion tips from your favorite series. Shows like Pretty Little Liars and 1600 Penn have tons of great content any fan would love. But don’t get too excited, producers are still careful as to not release too many inside secrets on their Pinterest pages.

100 Layer cake3- 100 Layer Cake

If you’re planning on throwing a snazzy suaré sometime soon, or pinning for the wedding of your dreams, these event planners from California have just the right Pinterest boards to help. The lovely ladies of 100 Layer Cake have ideas for everything from attire and venues, to flowers and color schemes. And let’s be honest, we all have a Pinterest wedding board.

4- Local Town

In doing some research for an audio interview to feature on my blog, it was interesting to see how many cities have Pinterest accounts. You can learn about local restaurants, annual festivals, sporting events, or even wedding venues just by looking at these Pinterest pages. Not only can you follow your hometown, but if you’re planning a vacation soon, or don’t know where to stop on your next road trip, you can search through Pinterest and check out what awesome attractions some towns have to offer.

Disney5- Walt Disney World

Five words every kid loves to hear: “We’re going to Disney World!” Even if you’re well into your adult years, you can’t deny feeling like a kid again when you’re in the happiest place on earth. So why not follow Walt Disney World on Pinterest? They have tons of behind the scenes pins, magical moments, and all the latest info on making your dreams come true. And besides, Disney has one thing in common with following someone on Pinterest… they both started with a mouse. (Get it?)